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Our Pride Is In Our Baskets

Available as of May 7th 2021-weather permitting

Our pride is in our baskets. We take delight in watching the amazement on the faces of our patrons as they venture into our showroom of amazing hanging baskets. Our precision in creating our unique hanging baskets results in them selling themselves. Many hours are spent designing and creating new and unique combinations that will stand out from the crowd.

Just about everything in our greenhouse is grown from seed here, with specialty plants provided by local suppliers, and then cared for by our family members. Our baskets are grown carefully, at their own pace so that when you bring them home, they will flower faithfully all summer long. With so many families working on beautifying their surroundings, we have created great choices of baskets, window boxes and patio pots to suit everyone's uniqueness. Enjoy a season of beautiful colors and amazing fragrances


This is a 10" Basket. Cost is $14.99 + tax. 4 different options.
Availabe: Out of stock


Woven Cone Basket $49.95 Multiple Style Options
Availabe: Out of stock


This is a 14" Basket. Cost is $39.95+ tax Multiple style options
Availabe: Out of stock


This is a 16" Basket. Cost is $44.95+ tax Multiple style options
Availabe: Out of stock


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